Somebody Else For Awhile

I wanna be Gatsby, I wanna be Babbitt
I wanna be Elvis in "A Change of Habit"
I wanna be English, I wanna be Dutch
I wanna be the man who knew too much

I reach for the stars and miss by a mile
I wanna be somebody else for awhile

I wanna be stronger, I wanna be tougher
I wanna be harder and longer and rougher
I wanna be bold, I wanna be brash
I wanna grow a slimy little mustache

Each day is a chore, each night is a trial
I wanna be somebody else for awhile

If that don't make me happy
Drop something heavy on my head
If I don't stop complaining
Say something nice about me when I'm dead

I wanna be Jesus at Christmas and Easter
I wanna be Shakespeare or Julius Caesar
And if I get tired of being a man
Call me Patricia -- the Queen of Siam

I'll walk in the room, make everyone smile
I wanna be somebody else for awhile
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