Southern Song

I've seen your old Kentucky home
And it looks just like a shack
I drove through Indiana
And I barely made it back
'Cause something changed inside me
And I didn't think it would
Now I'm into stock car racing
And my sister's looking good

Carry me back to ol' Virginny
All the live long day

I smelled the smoky mountain air
I ate smoked bacon and smoked ham
I drank just one mint julep
Now I don't know who I am
'Cause my neck is getting redder
Got no shoes upon my feet
Think I'll beat up on Geraldo
And dress up in a sheet

When Johnny come marching home again
All the doo dah day

Now I drive an eighteen wheeler
And I'm talking with a drawl
Got a woman, when I beat her
Why, she hardly cries at all
Think I'll just get loaded
Shoot my gun and then reload
I'll speed on down the highway
And they'll scraped me off the road

Swanee, how I love you, how I love you
All the doo dah day
All the doo dah day