Television Ruined My Life

Well I've gotta have a drug deal
Gotta have a car chase
Gotta have some violence
I've gotta have a happy ending
Gotta have some hi-jinx
Non-stop nonsense
Cause my life just gets more boring
As my expectations rise
I see nothing
When I look into your eyes

Television ruined my
Television ruined my
Television ruined my life
Repeat three times

Well I've gotta have a love boat
Gotta have a soul train
gotta have my mother, the car
Gotta have a talk show
Cooking in a wok show
Gotta have a Hollywood Star
Cause my life just seems more stupid
And there's nothing I can do
Without you
Everybody knows it's true


And I can't change the channel
Well I hopped on stage
full of passion and rage
I was in my prime
But the hip little boys
And the hip little girls
Were bored out of their minds
They need the kind of thrills
They only get on their TV's
Just like you - They don't get no thrills from me