Thankless Bastard

There's an English guy with two last names
In the cubicle next to me
He was a snotty English guy with a tweed overcoat
And an air of superiority

I said "We bailed out your ass in World War Two
If not for us, you can bet that you
Would not be raising your whiny voice
You'd be goose-stepping, baby, and sprechen sie Deutche."

He was thankless bastard, yes he was
He was thankless bastard, just because

A couple days went by and I can upon a guy
Who was choking on a piece of meat
Well, I grabbed his chest and I gave it a squeeze
And he spit it out at my feet

Well, I saved his life, but I broke his rib
I stood there proud in my lobster bib
He was nice at first, then he changed his tune
He said "You'll be hearing from my lawyer soon"

He was thankless bastard, don't know why
He was thankless bastard, my oh my

Now, I've sung my songs and I've sung 'em pretty well
And I've sung 'em straight from my heart
And I'm standing here, exposed to the world
Waiting for applause to start

So, what in hell is wrong with you
You're not doing what you're suppossed to do
I haven't heard a peep out of you yet
If this is all the thanks I get

You're all thankless bastards, yes you are
You're all thankless bastards, so far
You're all thankless bastards, are you not
You're all thankless bastards, thanks a lot