Ballad of Rudolf Kaiser (Einstein)

Hey Mr. Einstein brilliant as a man can be
Messing with the universe, thinking scientifically
Well, if you're so smart
Why is your daughter hanging around with me?

Hey Mr. Einstein it don't mean that much to me
If matter isn't relative or MC squared don't equal E
And my one track mind says
Your little girl was meant for me

Oh Mr. Einstein working day and night
While your daughter works on ways to make me feel all right
Oh Mr. Einstein look what's going on
All night long

Hey Mr. Einstein solving nature's mysteries
You might be quite observant, but there's one thing that you can't see
If you could look beyond your nose
You just might learn a couple things from me

Here in the backseat, far away from home
We're doing some experimenting on our own
The old man can't stand having me around
But I won't back down

Oh Mr. Einstein