The Good Life!

You and your friends get together
You roll around on the floor
Sex brings no satisfaction
Everything makes you bored

And when you sigh with exquisite sweetness
I could almost fall
You start to cry but I can't believe it
You got no heart at all

This is the good life, baby
This is the good life, girl
This is the good life, baby
Can't you tell?

Did I tell you I saw your father
Over on Euston Street
Asked if I could a dollar
Everyone got to eat

His home is cardboard box in the subway
Right next to mine
You tell me you got to visit him someday
If you find time


Who was the social lion
Who taught you how to roar
Who cured your fear flying
Made you such a well dressed whore

You turned your back on people that love you
One too many times
You might need some arms that you can fall back to
They might as well be mine