This Is My Life Without You

I, I have really tried, I've tried to convince you
That since you've walked out I have almost died
And you, you're still avoiding me
I can't really blame you, I know I've been acting irrationally

But those stupid birds no longer sing
And winter never turns to spring
I know you don't believe me but it's true
This is my life without you

I, I see you out with him
He's so handsome and healthy
So young and so wealthy
He's born to win

And me, I've been around the block
As you pass on the street
I just stare at my feet
In a state of shock

Then I lose my head and turn my back
The sun is red, the sky is black
And everything I touch is turning blue
This is my life without you

And there may be no paradise up in the sky
There may be no tears for me after I die
It won't be as bad as you're making me feel right now
Oh no

The radio is broken down
The television's only sound
I'm lying hear with nothing else to do
This is my life without you

It's horrible
This is my life without you