This Is Your Life

(Hoffmann, McCurdy)
You live like a million in dollars and cents
As rich as a king and as young as a prince
And you drive in your car with a black chauffeur
And a color TV

You can't take no, it's gotta be yes
You're spoiled, you're coddled, you only want the best
And the girls are wooed with your prep school air
They forget about me

This is your life and it's paradise
But I gotta get away

You get up in the morning for a shower and a shave
With your clothes laid out by a French valet
And you eat your lunch in a small cafe
With a waiter in a tie

Your women are expensive, no they don't come cheap
Reading Vogue magazine for the company they keep
And they hang their heads 'cause they can't compete
With a smile and a sigh


This is your life
Your life's been good
You know every little baby in your neighborhood
But you lost them, you let 'em get away

This is your life
Your life's been nice
You grabbed a piece of paradise but you lost it
You let it get away

This is your life, boy
This is your life
I said, "Oh, it's such a wonderful life"
This is your life

Now the rich get sick, the rich get old
They buy the little people, leave them lying in the cold
And I'd do the same if I was lying in your shoes
It could happen any day

Now you got no friends and you got no car
Your Rolls Royce smile can't get you very far
When you've lost your lease and your stocks run out
You'll find a better way