This Town Is Dying

This little song won't mean a lot
You'd miss the point likely as not
And I'd get mad, make you cry
Slam the door and run outside

These little words will make a rhyme
Can't tell it all, there isn't time
To say what's wrong, to say what's right
I'll just get drunk, stay out all night

This town is dying right before our eyes
This town is dying, comes as no surprise
We put the pistol up to it's head
This town is dying if it's not already dead

All my friends have gone away
They used to write about today
I've seen them go, one by one
I've said goodbye, watch them run

All these stores are boarded up
And in the bar a paper cup
We fill with dimes to give to those
Who are out of place and have no clothes


There are no sounds in the city
There are no sounds in the city
There is no life in the city

In the sky, a pretty face
This used to be a pretty place
Can't stand the sight of either one
You know it too, what's done is done

This little song won't change a thing
No one will hear, no one will sing
'Cause no one sings 'round here but me
And no one cries another sea