Up Too Late

I stayed up way too late last night
I'll pay for it today
I didn't do much of anything
Just tossed and turned the night away

All I did was search my soul
All I did was think
I thought about you in his arms
I couldn't sleep a wink

I had a midnight snack at 3 AM
I watched some women on a video
And thought about having sex with them

But if I had that would have been a big mistake
When I was done, I'd get depressed
And I'd still be wide awake

I stayed up way too late last night
I had so much to do
I read the Bible front to back
The dictionary too

I went through all my magazines
I read every book I own
Now I'm the smartest man on earth
But still I'm all alone

I took a miracle cure
It made me sick
In the darkness I listened to the sound
Of my alarm clock tick

And as I wiped away
One single tear
All the walls the ceiling the furniture
Magically disappeared

And every person I've known up 'til today
Was with me in my bed in pajamas and lingerie
And I knew I should be frightened

But it was the strangest thing
Everyone joined hands
And we began to sing

I stayed up way too late last night