We're In The Dark

We should be together
Why are we apart?
We should be in love right now
Instead, we're in the dark

Our love is immeasurable
Our love is long
But our love isn't pleasurable
Oh, where did we go wrong?


Our love is a sit-com plot
Misunderstandings all the time
We squander every bit we've got
And we don't seem to mind


So could you tell me, is there something I could do?
Some new person I could be
Could you tell me what I do that bothers you
And I'll tell you what you do that bothers me

Well, maybe that's not such a good idea
Too much honesty
And maybe that would be a panacea
Because we weren't meant to be


We should be in bed right now
Instead, we're in the dark
Instead, we're in the dark