When Trouble Comes To Town

When trouble comes to town
She'll wear a sequined dress
And all the men will cling to her
Like babies to the breast

When trouble comes to town
With a blazing .45
He'll shoot and shoot and never care
About who lives and dies

This used to be a peaceful place
Upstanding, pure and clean
These things would never happen here
But few and far between

When trouble comes to town
She'll bear forbidden fruit
And everyone will take a bite
Turn deaf and blind and mute

And when trouble comes to town
He'll look just like your dad
You'll let him in your living room
Then wish you never had

No, it could never happen here
At least, that's what we thought
The sacrifices that we made
They must have been for naught

We'll panic in the streets
We'll burn the buildings down
We'll flirt with death and play with fire
When trouble comes to town