Wonderland Of Love

I learned how to smooth talk, not to stammer
You bough $100 worth of instant glamour
We're ready for big night out
With insecurity and doubt
Hoping to find romance where there is none

Cause it's cold out, cold out here
I'm freezing, freezing cold
And it's lonely, lonely sometimes
In the Wonderland of Love

Maybe I'm not as rich as he is
Maybe you're not as pretty as she is
Maybe we don't belong
Maybe our hair is wrong
Maybe we've never found our place and time


It's a wonderland of love
A wonderland of love
This is the place where lovers meet
That we've been dreaming of

Where imitation stars shimmer on the ceiling
Cover up the places where the paint is peeling
Nothing is as it seems
It's so ugly underneath
So why does everybody look so overjoyed?


It's cold out
I'm freezing
It's lonely
In the Wonderland of Love