Yes Yes Yes

That's right, it's me
Has it really been a year?
Well, don't close that door
Girl, there something that I want you to hear

It's too late to lie
I know it hurt you when I said goodbye
Forgive me please
Now I'm on my knees

I'm saying yes, yes, yes, I confess
No, no, no, won't let go
I was a fool, I was wrong
Without your loving, I can never get along

I got time, I got bored
I thought I wanted to be free
I ran out, I ran wild
There were girls, but they meant nothing to me

It's too late to lie
The high life's not so high
It's no good without you
And you're love's so true


I've seen my share of the deadly sins
And I know what it's like to be lonely
Girl, I know I'm guilty and I won't pretend
That you could ever hope to start it up again

I may be believing in miracles

Well, I know you
You've got better things to do
So I leave, be gone
But I will never stay away from you long

It's too late to lie
This time I'm going to try
So forgive me please
Because I'm on my knees