You're Unique

So you're depressed again, you're really stressed again
You can hardly find a reason to get dressed again
You're in the dumps again, you've got the grumps again
Oh, listen to me.

You're unique, you're one of a kind
And there's no one who compares to you
You're unique, but you're out of your mind
You're oblique, you're a freak, you're unique

Your 15 minutes came and went again, your money's spent again
You can hardly find a dime to pay the rent again
You're in a rut again, you're you-know-what again
Oh, listen to me.


And the best days of your life will soon begin
You'll be the greatest you there's ever been


I'm unique, I'm one of a kind
There's no one you see who compares to me
I'm unique and I'm out of my mind
I'm oblique, I'm a freak

Even though this week was bleak
From Mozambique to Martinique
My physique is so tres chic
I'm unique