The Worst Ten Minutes of My Life

Well, once upon a summer night
A calliope was playing at a fair
I knew that something wasn't right
I could feel it in the air
I told myself I wouldn't cry
But I broke down when you said goodbye
Now I'll remember 'til the day I die
The worst ten minutes of my life

I stroll into a restaurant
And see some people that we knew
The last thing that I really want
Is to hear them asking about you
I feel the tears well in my eyes
As I go spout the same old lies
It's never easy to reprise
The worst ten minutes of your life

Now I have known my share of pain
Misfortune, misery and woe
I know you think that it's insane
To keep on agonizing so
I know you think I've lost my mind
In the scope of things, I'm doing fine
But I can't seem to leave behind
The worst ten minutes of my life