Mama's Little Baby

Mama's little baby had a nervous breakdown
She sees things that just ain't there
Mama's little baby in a load of trouble
She could almost die
She's bathed in big black clouds in a baby doll sky

Mama's little baby, won't you smile for daddy
Oh, she's such a perfect child
Mama's little baby always seems so happy
But from the very start
She had a great big longing in her innocent heart

She never done nothing, never been nowhere
Til she come upon a man with a dirty black mustache
Who took her to Miami and told her it was Rome
She'd never been alone or unchaperoned

Now mama's little baby's got a billion boyfriends
She says I'm her favorite one
Mama's little baby's wearing lace and velvet
She thinks she serving tea
On the deck of a yacht in the Indian Sea

Drowning in her mother's milk, suffocated by her love
She ran off at the first opportunity
Ended up in Vegas with a guy named Jim
She not sure just what happened to him

Now mama's little baby keeps a loaded pistol
Calls it her security
Mama's little baby in the desert dreaming
She just can't go home
You'd better take my advice and leave her alone

Just take my advice and leave her alone
Cowboy, take my advice and leave her alone

Mama, mama's little baby
Mama, mama's little baby