Crying For You

Everyday of my life is identical
I feel like a footnote, parenthetical
Feel like an outcast, cast out
Of the original cast of thousands

Oh no, say it ain't so
I can't believe that I've sunk so low
Oh my, I don't know why
Can't you hear me crying for you?

All your songs are deep and meaningful
I'm shallow and meaningless
All your songs are angry and ugly
I don't hate anyone


It's just my imagination pummeling me
Just my initiation for the land of the free
Just my obligation to wake up each day
Accept my imagination come what may

All these towns look exactly the same
Fast food and mini-marts
All these people wear workout clothes
I hope things work out

All these strip-mines and strip joints and strip malls
All these attorneys
All this hardware and software and underwear
Wearing me out

All these flannels and solar panels and all these channels
All these Christians and dental assistants and armed resistance
All these choices and unpaid invoices all these big noises