Private Serenade

I would cancel all my plans
Appointments that I've made
I'd miss Thanksgiving and
The Thanksgiving day parade

For if you should demand
Sweet love songs to be played
I'll come and play to you
A private serenade

For whatever you require
Your will I will obey
Even if I'm tired
At the end of an endless day

'Cause if you should desire
A private serenade
I'll come and sing for you
Even if I don't get paid

Some things are more important than
A few more dollars in my hand
I don't think that money can
Buy everything I need

'Cause what I need is you
It's that simple I'm afraid
So you're entitled to
A private serenade

I'll change the strings on my guitar
I'll put some gas in this old car
Don't care how far away you are
I'll drive all night to you

But even if the car won't start
Or the next plane is delayed
I'll come and sing for you
A private serenade