Diamonds In Your Eyes

Your mother and your father were scrutinizing me
While underneath the table you put your hand upon my knee
It moved a little further up, the beast began to wake
While we discussed the price of things and ate some chocolate cake

We slept in separate bedrooms to please your Mom and Dad
You came to me at midnight and said, "Let's so something bad"
Your mother was awake and found us naked in the pool
You swam away laughing, left me feeling like a fool

All the way from Madison
At Super 8 and Radisson
You took the soaps and lotions, shower caps and the shampoos
Which you will never use

We drove in your Miata, we saw a shooting star
We wondered what possessed us to take this tiny car
We stopped to stretch our legs a while and eat some Hostess pie
The raindrops on the windshield shone like diamonds in your eyes