A famous actor named Hill
Had two personal assistants
And when Hollywood shut down
Their jobs stopped existing
So they both got together
And wondered "When will Jonah fire us?"
Hopefully we won't catch

Now, Miley has a father
With an achy breaky heart
He moved to eastern Florida
To make a brand new start
Now, Miley's in LA
Her dad's the Daytona Cyrus
And fortunately
Neither of them has coronavirus

There were two public servants
Who were working in Utah
They both lost their jobs
Replaced by a computer
They called their friends in Phoenix
And said "Will Arizona hire us?"
Their friends said "Yes it will
If you don't have coronavirus"

Two career criminals were working independently
In the Windy City
In and out of prison
Their rap sheets weren't very pretty
They said "Let's start a gang
And have Al Capone inspire us"
They both came down with coronavirus

Once I had a friend
Who's hair was really shaggy
His clothes were out of style
His pants were always baggy
He finally got a date
I said "Dude, you should phone a stylist
And hope to hell that you don't come down
With coronavirus"