There ain't no polio any more
Who shoved smallpox out the door?
But when diseases come your way
You get down on your knees and pray
My reliance
Is on science

And your opinion's not a fact
Like science
In the end it all comes back
To science
Maybe you believe in ghosts
Or in random Facebook posts
I'm in compliance
With science

Science gathers up the evidence
And makes a learned conclusion
You squeeze the facts to fit
Some foregone fairy tale illusion
Instead of years of research
Experiment and study
You just believe in something
You heard someone tell somebody

But you're not living in a cave
Science (Science!)
Each advance mankind has made
Science (Science!)
So I really wonder why
You continue to deny
Do you really want to die
In defiance (defiance!)
Of science
In defiance (defiance!)
Of science
You're in defiance (defiance!)
Of science