The Big Ass Song List

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Memorial Day
The Good Life!
How To Love And Be Loved
A Bit Irrational

Songs you have to see Pat live to hear

$25 Pants
15th of July, 1995
A Good Night For Drinking
A Match Made In Heaven
A Simple Song
A Woman Just Like You guitar tab
After That Who Knows
Again and Again
Ain't Life Grand
Ain't No Fun Any More
All About You
All America Will Soon Be Singing This Song
All I Want To Say
All Is Right
All Summer Long
All You Want Is More
Alternative Song
Any Time Is Best
Anyone Can Be a Star
Auntie Purple's House
AV Man
Baby, I'm Looking For You
Baby, What You Do To Me
Back On The Train
Bad Old Days
Bank Teller
Be Free
Beautiful Dream guitar tab
Before Me
Beginning Of The End
Best Day Of My Life
Big Bright Beautiful World
Big Creepy Love
Big Dumb and Embarrassing
Big Fat Idiot
Big Fucking Macho Guy
Big Plans, Big Ideas
Black Cloud
Blame It All On You
Can I Move In With You?
Can't Stop Messin'
Can't You Hear The Beating Of My Heart? guitar tab
Carnival Midway
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Cheer Up
Condom Song
Criminal Has Returned (To The Scene Of The Crime), The
Cry A Little Bit
Cute Little Bastard
Deny Your Love
Diamonds In Your Eyes guitar tab
Do Me
Doing The Best I Can
Don't Ask Me
Don't Know Nothin'
Don't Let Me Go Down
Don't Make Me Do That
Don't Say Something That You're Going To Regret
Don't Touch My Sister
Don't You Care About Me
Don’t Start Crying Now
Doomed From The Start
Dream Girl
Dress Like Your Dad
Drink Drink Drink
Drinking & Vomiting
Drunk Or Insane
Dumbest Fucking Thing
Every Day's The Weekend
Every Second Rocking
Everybody Have A Good Time
Everybody Loves Me
Everybody's Much Too Happy
Everybody's Wrong
Far Away From Here
Festival of Guitars
Fifteen Empty Glasses
Five Lessons
Five Women: A Suite
For You
Forever Girl
Funny Feeling
George W's Got To Go
Gettin' Some
Gimme A Woman To Love
Girl From the Suburbs
Go Ahead and Go To Work Today
Go Home
Goodbye Dear Old Friends
Great Big Church in the Suburbs
Great Big Love guitar tab
Great Day
Greatest Lover In Town
Guy Outside
Half Out of My Mind
Happiest Man On Earth
Happy Drunks
Happy Hate Song (I.H.A.T.E.Y.O.U)
Happy Man
Harry is My Name
Help Me
Here I Come
Hey Paddy! guitar tab
Hi-Lo Drive
Hippy Chicks
Hold Me
Home Again
Hotel of the Damned
House On The Rock
How Could I Forget
How Did You Get So Dirty
Hurray For Me
I Ain't Got The Blues
I Am Not Your Friend
I Am What I Am
I Been Thinkin'
I Can't Make It On My Own
I Can't Sleep Unless I'm Drunk
I Didn’t Know Shit
I Do It Wrong
I Don't Care As Long As I Have You
I Don't Know Why
I Don't Know Why I Love You (But I Do)
I Don't Listen
I Don't Want To Go To Heaven
I Don't Want To Hear You Say Goodbye
I Got It Bad For You
I Guess It Wouldn't Work Out
I Guess My Work Is Done
I Hardly Ever Think About You
I Have My Moments
I Have Never Had The Blues
I Heard Tomorrow Calling
I Hope You Like This Song
I Just Can't Get You Off My Mind
I Just Don't Care Anymore
I Just Love You
I Just Want To Make Sweet Love To You
I Like College Girls
I Like Everything About You guitar tab
I Lived With Wolves
I Love You
I Love You Anyway
I Might Need a Change of Scenery
I Might Stop Getting Stoned guitar tab
I Ran Right Back to You
I Remember
I Should Never Have Come To This Party
I Should Never Have Opened My Mouth
I Slip Away guitar tab
I Still Do It Pretty Good
I Take Pills
I Think I'm Settling Down
I Think Therefore I Drink
I Want A Woman Just Like You
I Want More
I Want To Tell You I Love You
I Want To Tell You That I Love You
I Want Your Body
I Was Born To Be A Man
I Was Put On This Earth To Love You
I Wish There Were More People Like You
I Won't Get Drunk Anymore
I Wouldn't Say No
I'd Pay To Have Sex With You
I'll Be Good To You
I'll Crawl Back To You Again
I'll Make You Fall In Love With Me
I'll Show You How I Feel
I'm In Love With That Girl
I'm Inferior
I'm Looking Through You
I'm Not Asking For The World
I'm Not Crazy
I'm Not Looking Back
I'm So Cool
I'm So Tired
I'm Sorry But I'm Still in Love With You
I'm Thinking of Moving To Canada
I'm Wet
I'm Yours
I've Got To Have Your Love
I’ll Be Lonely Without You
I’m Not Interested in Anything But You
Idiot Savant
If I Could Make Mistakes
If I Don't See You Tomorrow guitar tab
If I Get To Heaven
If I Loved You and You Loved Me
If I Wasn't Drunk
If I Were You And You Were Me
Imaginary Mistletoe
In My Heart, In My Soul, In My Mind
In My New Religion
Inside My Head
Instant Fun
Instruction Manual
Irresistible Me
Is That Good Or Is That Bad?
It Was Magic
It's All Over Now
It's Almost Sunday Night
It's Another Parade
It's Finally Getting Good
It's Good To Be Me
It's Impossible To Tell You Just How Much I Really Love You
It's Me That You Want
It's Not Okay
It's Still Too Soon To Tell
It's Up To You
Jane, I'm Coming Home
Jerked Around
Just When You Think
Key of G
Kill You With My Love
Killing Stuff
Kiss Me, I'm Irish
Lately, I Haven't Been Myself
Lead-Lined Cottage
Let's Do It
Let's Do That Again
Let's Get Wasted
Let's Have Sex
Let's Not Be Mean
Lie In Bed Laughing
Life is Like a Dream
Life Is Not As Hopeless As It Seems
Life Is Tricky, Life Is Tough
Living In A Small Town
Look In My Eyes
Lookin' At Chyx
Love Comes Back To Town
Love Go Round
Love In My Heart
Love Me (Like You Used To)
Love Slave
Love Song By A Dumb Guy
Lovin' Time
Lowest Common Denominator
Lucky Me
Lucky Son of a Bitch
Mama's Little Baby
Manly Love
Many Different Ways
Marry Me
Mary Makes Me Come To My Senses
Mary, Let's Make Love
Maybe Someday
Maybe We’re Dreaming
Merry Christmahanukwanzaa
Military School
Miss Naive
Molly O'Scanlan
Mr. Enthusiasm
My Dance of Love
My Desire
My Favorite Things
My Head
My Heart
My Little Soldier
My Mullet
My Name Is Pat (I Play Guitar)
My Next Stop is Hollywood
My Political Career Is Over
Naked Womyn
Natasha Duvall
Never Gonna Leave My House
Never Gonna Leave Your Bedroom
New Year’s Resolution
Nice and Quiet
Night of the Following Day
No More
No Room In This Hotel
Not Completely Satisfied
Nothing Is For Certain
Nothing Is The Way It's Supposed To Be
Nothing's Changed
Nothing's Going To Get Me Down
Odd Man Out
Oh How Crazy You Have Made Me
Oh No, Not Me
Oh Well, What The Hell
Oh You Do, Do You?
Old and Boring
Old Angry White People
On A Cold Gray Afternoon
On a Long Hot Summer Night
On a Night Like This
On The Street Where I Live
Once Before I Die
Once I Got Excited
One More Song About Sex
One Night in Dreamland
Onion Rings
Open Your Heart
Our Love Is Real
Over The Weekend
Perfectly All Right
Please Come Home
Please Make Up Your Mind
Poke the Beehive
Poor Beautiful You
Pretend I'm Santa And Sit On My Lap
Private Serenade
Pub In Dublin
Pucker Up
Purple Swedish Sofa
Put Your Hands In The Air
Queen Mary
Racist Song
Real Life
Reasonable Facsimile Of Love
Reminiscing Time
Repent Before It's Too Late
Right Wing Revolution
Rolling Along
Romance (Means Nothing To Me)
Romance is Gone
Romeo Didn't Love Juliet
Scared Of That Girl
Second Honeymoon guitar tab
Secret Life
Secretly Dainty
Seven Deadly Sins
Seventeen Percent
She Kills Me
She Knows What I Like
She’s in Love With a Douchebag
Showbiz Is My Life
Sick and Tired
Sick Of This Shit
Silly Old Man
Sitting On A Hill
Six Foot One
Six Little Songs
Sleep With Me
Sleeping Standing Up
Slipping Away
Soldiers Of Stupidity
Some People Take Themselves So Seriously
Some Sweet Day
Someone Like You
Something Better
Something Magic
Something New To Come Along
Something To Eat
Sometimes My Dreams Seem So Real
Somewhere It's Spring
Southern Song
Spend All Summer
Sports and Porn
St. Patrick's Day
Stop By If You Can
Stop Staring at Your Fucking Phone
Suddenly It All Comes Back To Me
Swingin' Guy
Tell Me That You Love Me
That Baby Don't Look Like Me
That's A Chance I'm Willing To Take
That's Me
That's When I Think of You
The Art of Conversation
The Crying Kind
The Party Can Start
The Party's Just Begun
The Pondering Mortality Song
The Song In Which I Break Each And Every One Of The Ten Commandments
The Worst Ten Minutes of My Life
There's A Hole In The Roof
There's A Light At The End of the Tunnel
There's Just So Many Lies I Can Take
There's Someone At My Door
These Are The Times
They've Taken All The Mystery Out of Life
Things I'll Never Do
Things Women Do Not Want To Hear A Guy Say To Them In A Bar
This Can't Be Christmas
This Could Be My Lucky Day
This Is My Home
This Is The First Song
This Is Your Song
This Isn't Poetry
This Song Sounds Better When You're High
Those Goddamn College Kids
Til You Hear From Me
Time To Rock
Tina All The Time
Tinder Tinder, Swipe Swipe
Tomorrow's Dream
Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day guitar tab
Too Much Sun
Tribute to the 80s
Tribute to the 90s
Try It One Time
Twenty Million Bucks
Twenty-two And Real Depressed
Ugly Mood
Underwhelmed By Love
Until Tomorrow
Until You Came To Town
Uptown Breakup Song
Wake Up
Wake Up Go To Work
Watch All Our Worries Disappear
We Just Can't
We Should Be Together
We're In The Dark
Wed In Haste
What A Week It Was
What Can I Give You
What Must I Do
What World Are You Living In
Whatever I Do
Whatever Makes You Feel Good
When I Die
When I Think of You
When I Woke Up Yesterday
When I'm Dead And Gone
When Trouble Comes To Town
Where Will You End Up?
White Guys In Suits
Who Am I? guitar tab
Who Says We Have To Be In Love?
Who's Been Telling You
Who's Freaking Out
With A Smile On My Face
Won't Be Your Fool
Workin' Real Hard
Would You Look at Me Now
Wrong Man
Yeah Right
Yeah, It’s Easy
You Are Going To Make Me Lose My Mind
You Are Killing Me
You Aren't Angry Yet
You Could Be Me
You Just Can't Believe How Much I Love You guitar tab
You Laugh After We Make Love
You Like Him Better Than Me
You Must Be High
You Only Like Me When You’re Drinking
You Piss Me Off (But I Love You)
You Stopped Drinking
You Think You're Unique (But You're Not)
You Turn Me On
You Were Brilliant
You Were Gone
You'll Be On My Mind
You're A Masterpiece
You're Looking Fine
You're Looking Good
You're My Favorite
You're Only An Ocean Away
You're Unique
Your Love Makes Me Do Funny Things
Your Racist Friends

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