Who Am I?

I'm wondering if I'm wasting my life away?
I'm wondering if I'll regret it all someday?
Cause I'm thinking of the voice of reason,
like my head is a huge antenna.
And I'm caught up in the throws of another existential dilemma:

Chorus (2X):
Who am I? Who cares?
Why am I here? By accident
Where am I going? No place in particular

Has there ever been a life so meaningless?
I've never been much on soul searching, I guess.
So I'm asking you to help me.
I'm asking for suggestions.
I'm asking for the answers to all of life's big questions:

(Chorus 2x)

And I'll call you when I get there.
I'll tell you how it goes.
I'm gonna find someone in charge there.
And I'll see if anybody knows

(Chorus 2x)

Who am I?
Who cares?